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Mark has been designing websites for over a decade. From large companies such as AARP, PEW Trusts and The World Bank to small startup businesses Mark has had a hand in designing many high profile sites.

From story boarding to coding Mark can handle all aspects of a website build or redesign. He has worked in dozens of CRM's and holds designer certificates from many.

More often than not Mark is asked to produce something for a clients website. When Miley Cyrus launched her website Miley World she asked him to produce a productorial for the website. After shooting her on green screen Mark did his magic and created the video below. Turn sound on.

Mile World
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Mark worked alone for 4 months on this companies website redesign and for 5 years he was responsible for maintaining and refreshing it on a daily basis. The image above shows his workflow. This process made getting timely modifications and approval from the principles very smooth.

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