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This is a work in progress I created this animation with PhotoShop 3D tool.

AMD sample

Mile World
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This was a productorial I produced for Miley Cyrus's website, if you watch closely you will see my headshot

Demo video I produced for client product.

Animation for a tradeshow presentation

This is an Holiday ECard I designed and developed for my client. They wanted a Winter Cardinal flying in to the scene then a message displayed. Since there was no such source clips I had to create the bird flying animation myself. I had to draw in Illustrator 23 iterations of the bird to get the animation.

The eCard from last year was such a big success my client wanted to outdo it the next year. This year they wanted to depict workers returning to in office work after the two year pandemic. They wanted to use the winter cardinal again but have a flock of the fly in.

Logo animation I produced in After Effects

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