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Computer art can come in many forms. I specialize in engaging and brilliant vector and photo illustrations. Most of my work begins in Adobe Illustrator which makes it resolution independent. If the final publication size is 20 pixels or 20 feet my designs maintain the maximum sharpness and clarity of vector based art.


Of course sometimes the assignment calls for a design that is more tonal, this is when we call on our Photoshop skills, modifying and manipulating images to produce designs for web billboards, cover pages and article publications. Then there are times such as our branding/logo work and info graphics where a combination of both vector and photo illustration is the best solution. We are experts at marrying the two medians to develop smart, vibrant and engaging designs with a strong retention value.


When I discovered Photoshop I couldn't close it. I Love working with images, enhancing, modifying, composing, it is like a dream world where anything is possible, Photo illustration work has always been a valuable media however with the explosion of the internet the need for Photo Illustration or Photo Journalism has never been greater.

The Web Banner is a common use of photo illustrations either used as a header on a page or a inline image for an article.. I have produced 1000;s of web banners and page images.

I have also used my talents with Photoshop to render imagery and art for printed publications and most recently interactive content in the form of elearning and online  interactive offerings.


One of the Internet's most popular items is the "Web Banner" almost every page has a "Hero" or "Banner" on it somewhere. If you are visiting News Media sites each page may have dozens of them.

I have designed hundreds of web banners. I have produced them for small and large companies. One of the most prolific was AARP and their daily news website "The Bulletin", everyday we published dozens of fresh banners. I love the challenge of coming up with something new and different every time. My workflow is generally all Photoshop however I quite often will incorporate Illustrator vector art in my designs.

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